Sunday, July 13, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 13

Thursday left us with not much planned. After feeling well-sunned at the beach the past few days, I decided to take Theo for a meander through town and up to the library. Unlike Sophia, he is a rock star walker. I brought the stroller along but it turned out to be more fun for him to push it and run after it than to sit in it - which was fine with me. We walked down Thames Street and popped into Frazzleberries to check out some home decor. Specifically, we're looking for Fifth Ward (our area of town) stuff: Flags and stickers. No luck, but found lots of cool stuff and Theo befriended the owner's daughter.

We moved on to the Newport Library and stumbled on a great live music player. They have fantastic Kids Programming throughout the summer. After listening and heading up to the kids reading section for some truck books, we headed home to meet Dave for lunch. Nothing better than lunch with my two men!

After Sophia got home from camp, we headed out to the 3rd beach Duck Races, which has become a yearly tradition. A fundraiser to support MEC, we buy our duckies and watch them float to the finish line. First ones across win prizes. We don't win, but the kids have a blast swimming, getting face painting and of course, for Sophia, dance time with the duck!

(Sophia loves him-
Theo won't go anywhere near the duck!) 

Snuggly after a late afternoon swim!
 Face painting success!

Happy Duckers!

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