Wednesday, July 2, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 4

Every summer we're down in Newport, we pick up on new activities and events happening around town. One place we've wanted to visit is the Redwood Library. While the library itself isn't child friendly, they have a wonderful annex that is a specific Children's library with storytime each Tuesday at 10:30am.

I took the gaggle (Sophia, Theo & Danielle) over after a slow moving morning of muffins from Ocean Breeze and coffee for the moms. Liz & Katherine joined us. While the whole experience was more geared towards Theo's age set rather than our older ones, everyone enjoyed the animal crackers at the end. And Sophia was thrilled to discovered a Little Mermaid book (her newest thrill).

While the kids anxiously awaited the cousins' arrival, we took a quick spin around the block on bikes. Sophia had a complete and utter meltdown on her new two wheeler (note to self- bike riding for Scout needs to happen in the morning to avoid exhaustion/frustration meltdowns). Theo, on the other hand, is putting it all together on his balance bike! The boy who barely made it a block on Sunday managed an 8 block ride, complete with scooting and a bit of gliding!

Lori, Sammy & Dillon arrived hot, tired and ready for some fresh ocean air and food. We headed out for dinner into town. Let's just say after 2 hours of waiting for food to arrive (they lost the order and hunger/exhaustion was over taking everyone) the highlight was Sammy having his first ever lobster! (With a little oversight/sampling from big brother).

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