Monday, July 7, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 7

Day 7 brought the Fourth of July. And also - tropical storm Arthur. Not exactly a recipe for outdoor adventure. 

Luckily, Arthur held off so we could get out into town for the first half of the day before the torrential rains hit. So we headed off to the Arcade! Head to head matches of Skee Ball & Air Hockey, as well as tons of games for the kids.
 And a quick spin on the indoor tea-cups for Sophia, Mikey & Sammy and we headed back home for lunch and to say goodbye to Grandpa, Ivonne and Mikey.


And goodbyes were had:

All the fourth of July festivities were cancelled, so instead, we ordered pizza and got the kids to bed at a decent hour. But not before some time for rest and snuggles. Because nothing beats snuggling on the couch with Dad!

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