Saturday, July 12, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 12

Wednesday brought more of the same: Camp for Sophia, working for Dave and the beach for Theo and I! No complaints, it's a good life to be leading.

Friends were already at the beach, so Theo (for as much "playing" as he does with others) had his built in buddies there. Though not having Sophia there meant most of the toys were all his!

Afternoon meant I got some QT with Sophia after camp. The wind has been honking lately, so we busted out the kite and headed to Fort Adams to test it out. Sophia got pretty bored with it last year, but this year she was hooked. She launched it herself and ran all over. We even took "Froggy" for a pretty long walk around the Fort, making it up into the Navy housing playground (where the allure of the playground won out over kite flying!)

After dinner (and before my yummy dinner out at TSK) we went to Ballard Park - an old quarry that has events in the field. We had been wanting to go for awhile and this great little swingband was playing. The kids were into it, though Sophia hit the wall after a very long day and we heading out after about 45 minutes. They do all types of concerts and movies throughout the summer. They have a big kids show, but it's mid-week in the morning. Oh well!

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