Monday, July 7, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 8 (part 2)

It indeed was a celebration of the fourth on the fifth, as we headed up to NYYC for the annual celebration. Town fireworks, a giant BBQ with a bunch of our friends and just an all around good time. The kids were looking forward to the adventure!

Friends Katherine & Sophia

 Katherine has my favorite poses of all time!


Taking a break for some coloring - but clearly plotting something...
 Sunset shot - doesn't even do it justice!
 Mmmm - ice cream truck rolled in and Sophia was the big fudgy winner. Theo didn't make out too badly either!

My little man and his snuggles!

 Front row seats for the show with friends - this was the first year Sophia wasn't fazed by the "booms" of the fireworks. 
 Clearly enamored

And Theo couldn't be happier/more exhausted. 

After the fireworks were over, Sophia & her buddy Avery took a trip up the hill (which they had been sliding down all night with friends, though not at the slickened life-jacket stage yet, thank god!) and ventured by themselves into the Club bathroom. No shoes, fancy dresses, amongst all the adults. The girls politely informed everyone they had to go potty and proceeded to be escorted to the front of the line. Avery's mom & I found them washing their hands and getting heaps of praise on their outfits from the big girls. Clearly, a fun night for all. 

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