Thursday, July 3, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 5

Day 6 brought our first full family day - 4 cousins, two siblings and me! Add in some good beach friends and it had all the makings for a great summer day.

After the west coast/late night time adjustment, everyone was up and ready to beach by 10:30. The boys (and Addie - our friends Katie & Rob's daughter) starting sandcastle building. And when I say castles, I really mean a compound. There was some pretty intricate stuff going on, complete with reinforced walls against the tide.

The day went on with a lot of time and on rocks. Sophia & I ate our lunches on the big rock and just hung out. Dave then took Sophia & her buddy Avery out to the big in the middle of the water by pulling them on boogie boards. Dillion wanted to go out, but Sammy wanted to hang with Lori, so Dillon and I kicked out and climbed all over. Dillon also helped me get over my fear of the slimy stuff, both in the water and on the rocks! Good bonding time.

Theo was having so much fun he didn't want to go home. He did, however, feel like a little rest. While I don't think he ever actually slept, he did get some good snuggle quiet time. The women behind us were amazed that he would just climb on and lie down.

 In the meantime, the three beach musketeers got together for some good summer shots. (and proceeded to lay in the sand like little sugar cookies.)

After his quiet time, Theo was up and ready to go again! Though not too long after this, we did bring him home for a good, late nap. Everyone was sandy and exhausted, but happy to spend the day enjoying the beach.

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