Monday, June 6, 2011

Learning and doing more every day

It's been about a month since I've blogged and we've had a lot going on!

I'm back to work full time, which is an adjustment for all of us, but one that we seem to be navigating successfully. I am still working from home 2 days a week, which allows me to use that time I would be commuting to spend with Sophia.

We've also been traveling a lot, between our new place in Newport (more on that later) and a wedding in Buffalo on Memorial Day Weekend.

Sophia got to have a vacation at Nana and Pop Pop's (two new words she's acquired in an ever-growing vocabulary!) for the weekend, receiving more attention and spoiling than one could even imagine!

Playing with Nana in the sand:

Hanging with Grandpa:

Fun at the beach:
Unfortunately, all this working and such has really minimized the amount of pictures I take of Sophia these days, but here's a fun one from the park today:

Peak a Boo
As I mentioned earlier, her vocabulary is growing so much every week. New words and phrases include: "No No Dada" "Yes Dada" "Bus" and my personal favorite "Uh-Oh" (which, happily, is not always used when something is an Uh-Oh!) .

We missed out on the touch-a-truck this past weekend, but the other day we spent about 30 minutes outside of Porter Square watching all the "Buses" or "Toot-Toots" (as she often refers to them as) drive by. She climbed up and down the black and white stairs constantly, but would stop every 3 or 4 minutes when a "toot-toot" went by. It was classic.

Tomorrow is her 19 month birthday - Time really does fly!