Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One month of Theo

I can already see that my time is going to become even more limited than it already is, but I have lofty dreams of being able to post multiple updates on Theo's development, as well as our life as a family. So here it goes...

Theo is officially a month old today. It is hard to believe it, as the time has flown by. We are so lucky that he is a good baby - an excellent sleeper (I actually got a 5 hour clip of sleep last night- highly needed) and a good eater. Though on the eating side, each feeding takes close to an hour. During the day, not so much of an issue, but at's a bit much. But hey, if that is what it takes to get long bouts of sleep, I'll take it.

He happily sleeps in the bassinet, a pass me down from one of my closest friends Colleen. It has circulated through at least 5 children in her family, so it's got some good sleeping karma to it.
Theo is getting bigger every day - we have his 1 month check up next week. Weight gain was a big issue with Sophia in the beginning. Happily, I think we have most of the eating figured out, so we won't have to worry about that this time around. He also doesn't spit up hardly ever. But he certainly likes to fill a good diaper up and makes quite the face (which I've nicknamed the Mr. Frumple face, after the Richard Scarry character that Sophia adores) while making it happen.

The first thing everyone comments on when they see him is his hair. He still has his amazing mop of dark hair. No sign of it falling out (to quote the nurse at the hospital "It'll look like a rat molted in his crib! - thanks lady!) but I do see blond hair coming in underneath.Bath time is my favorite as he has clearly inherited the ability to create greasy hair in about 10 minutes from me. After bath he has gorgeous, soft brown hair with some curls (definitely taking after my dad in that department!) I've tried to catch a picture of it, but to no avail.
A rare shot of Theo awake.

He is just a relatively easy going baby. I'm not sure if it's because he's a boy and is not as piercing in his cries, because he's #2 or because my nerves are more accustomed to dealing with Sophia's constant toddler needs that his non-urgent cries don't affect me nearly as much as Sophia's did. For him, it's more like he's saying, "If you don't mind, when you have a minute, I'd love some food. But no rush..." versus Sophia was more in the, "Get me some F*ING DINNER NOW!" type of cry. I'm sure he'll have his moments, but for now, the low-key is great.

Here's a shot of the partners in crime...playing well together. Sophia is in love with her baby brother and, all in all, I couldn't have asked for a better transition. I'm very very thankful.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I forgot...

A lot has happened since my last post - I gave birth to Theodore Joseph Ahouse, thus making Dave and I parent of 2 and Sophia a big sister.

I'll post more about the actual birth and good stuff, but right now, it's all about the "new" life. Things I totally forgot about, in terms of having a newborn, and assumptions I made:

1) A toddler is FAR more work than a newborn. Physical energy required at all times. A newborn may not sleep all that much, but once he's fed and in his swing, he has no issue if I make a phone call, jump on the computer or read a book (that doesn't have pictures.) The same is not true for toddlers.

2) I can survive on minimal amounts of sleep. I don't like it, but I can. And I have been spoiled by the fact Sophia has been an amazing sleeper for most all of her life.

3) Newborns are not breakable (well, without trying anyway) but they are still intimidating. I've gotten so used to manhandling Sophia (diaper changes, wrestling on socks & shoes, etc) that all of a sudden, this tiny, 7lb being seems so fragile. Until he's really wailing for his diaper to be changed and it's 3am. Then, common sense kicks in.

4) I forget what I was going to write...oh yes, walking into a room and forgetting why I was going there in the first place! (Thank god for Sophia reminding me to change Theo's diaper!)

5) Showering is good and necessary. A friend who is a nurse mentioned when patients don't want to shower, its a really bad sign. I have luckily managed one most every day.

6) It really does take a village - giving in to the fact I need help was a big hurdle to overcome. But between Dave, my mom, Lidiana, the neighbors and friends, we've managed to keep life fairly normal for everyone. See #7

7) The sun doesn't rise & fall completely on Theo's "schedule" - with Sophia, everything was about her sleeping & eating: at the right time, the right amount, not crying or whining. With Theo, I've quickly learned the importance of taking care of his needs but that the impatient toddler who really needs play doh also gets Mama's attention too.

8) Healing is hard work. I gave birth, it may have been quick, but it certainly isn't easy. Sleep for me is really, really important too.

9) How quickly 2 hours pass. 1 hour to eat and get diaper changed, about an hour of sleep and then rinse, repeat. Wow, the leash is short!

10) How easily Sophia would adjust to being a big sister. It wasn't looking good pre-baby. She's whine and cry and tantrum if we held someone else. Now, the first thing she wants in the morning is to see Baby Brother and give him a kiss. She makes sure to keep her voice down if he's sleeping and she's all about offering him Cherrios (happily, we've gotten the - he has no teeth but thank you for sharing -piece down really well).

11) How amazing my husband is and how he offers such great perspective. There is absolutely no way I could (on so many levels) ever do this without him.