Sunday, October 13, 2013

My little girl is getting bigger every day

Somehow 3 years old has felt both the longest year as well as the shortest. Sophia has sprouted up what seems like 6 inches and has become a master of the imagination. 

She can conjure the most amazing stories from end to end, and draw you in to building "Dunkin' Donuts" for her Mickey characters with her blocks or tucking her doggie into bed and going through the entire bedtime process for him. 

She also has gotten faster than anything. I'm fairly certain, when she is so inclined, that she could beat most kids in a 50 yard dash. She just takes off. She's playing soccer on Saturdays now and it's great to watch her just run, kick and have fun. (the other half of the time, well, she just wants to "hang out" and play with the little kids around her.)

Drawing and creative stuff has never been our strong suit. That's one of the reasons we were so excited about her preschool. Creativity and arts are the focus - so is making sure they get outside everyday to play, no matter the weather. I'm amazed at the change in her drawing and handwriting - she is starting to write her letters (she can write MOM) and some pretty good stick figures (she drew a picture of her in her carseat!) 
She's also able to verbalize so much more and understand her feelings. We've really tried to work on express that she's actually frustrated, hungry or tired, rather than throwing a temper tantrum (though no fear, there are plenty of those still!) The other day, she came home from school and after a bit of a fit, she shared that one of the little boys at school didn't want to play with her. It broke my heart, and she was clearly still bothered. It was definitely the first time she had put something like that into words. But she said that she and another girl played and had fun. The next day, when she ran home, she said that L played with her and clearly, all had been forgotten. 

We're entering a whole new time of dynamics, relationships and feelings. I can't wait for this next journey. 

Gone looking for my sister...

For his whole life, Theo has been kicking around with Sophia. So this September was certainly a change in his world when Sophia headed off to preschool. They've settled into a comic, normal sibling routine. She provides him with the obligatory sibling rivalry, occasional bludgeoning, and a fair bit of hugging and snuggles. 

Her first day at school, he walked around with a magnet with her picture on it for the day. It was so adorable to watch and showed me how much he really needs to get buddies he can pal around with. He started playgroup last week and is getting into more activities at the park. My goal is to make sure he has a least a few friends of his own in time for his birthday in February! 

For me, though, it's bonding moments like this, though - sitting watching and helping me cook! - that shows how special a sibling relationship is. Everything she does, he has to do too. Whatever she eats, he wants too; if she gets her shoes in the morning, he runs to get his too.

First Day of Preschool!

Sophia started preschool at the Agassiz school in September. It's a fantastic co-op in Somerville that is creative, nurturing and loving. We're especially thrilled about the creative piece, as it's not exactly our strong point! She'll be there for 2 years and then Theo will head there for the next two.

We're almost equally thrilled that the school is walking & biking distance to the house. Every day, Dave drops her off and she rides her bike home in the afternoon, zipping along. 

She had two "first" days - the first one (pictured here) is her visit day - where she got to meet all the other new kids in the group (the OG) and play for a bit - there was only 1 other new child. Her real first day was the following day. Dave was responsible for drop off. While I really wanted to do it, it was easier, both logistically and emotionally, to have Dave do it. 

Drop off was a complete walk in the park - I credit this to Sophia's independent spirit, a lot of prep work and a bit of luck. Dave dropped her off in her classroom, gave her a hug and off she went to play, without even a look backwards. And I don't think she's looked back since.