Thursday, August 22, 2013

Has anyone seen my baby?

In less than a month, Theo has gone from contented crawler to full blown walker, explorer and borderline shenaniganizer. I couldn't be happier and neither could he.

His latest party tricks include:

Words - or at least lots of indicators and sounds that are becoming words.
His short list includes:
"Woof" when pointing to a dog
But he can most certainly make himself known and understood. He also follows instructions extremely well. (except when it comes to not throwing food. sigh...still working on that one!)

Swimming Beach Baby: Put this boy on the beach and he'll play for hours and find his way to the water in less than 5 minutes. Kicking, splashing and just having fun. I can pull him around on a boogie board till he tips over and he'll pop up, ready for it again!

Tooth brushing - this child loves brushing his teeth. If he's within a 10 foot radius of his toothbrush, he goes right at it. We have to make him trade it in at night for his owl. But at least he'll have shiny clean teeth.

Snuggles: I've never met a fiercer hugger and snuggler than Theo. He just lights up and hugs the life right into me.  Morning, noon and night. He's still a fierce sleeper though, coveting both of his naps, but able to power thru if he misses his morning siesta.

Stubborn: as all get out. When he wants to walk and in what direction he wants to walk, he goes. We have some serious work to do when it comes to holding hands in parking lots, etc. Luckily, he is still small enough for me to pick up and haul away. He also is starting to stand up for himself with Scout. This will make for some interesting times in the coming months and years.

Curious: A boy in a field. Just taking it all in. My sweet love Theo.