Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pajama Party

Sophia was invited to her first pajama party this weekend - by our downstairs neighbor Eleanor. At 5:00p, we headed down, Sophia in PJs, to meet up with Eleanor and Zac, from across the street.
Story time, popcorn and some mac 'n' cheese after a dance party were everything she needed to make the night complete!

The kids played, the adults got to talk - and we have some great photos to boot!

Storytime (Sophia was more interested in popcorn)


The Three Amigos

Preparation for Nugget

It's been a great start to the New Year with all of us finally getting over our Christmas/winter colds and finally feeling back to normal.

We also realized with far less than 6 weeks to go until "Nugget" (as we have been affectionately referring to the baby as) arrives, we had better do a little something to prepare for his arrival.
His room (formerly known as the walk-in closet room) was in need of transformation. Priority one - minimize Dave's clothes and shoes (he has far more of both than I do). Then, painting was in order, as well as reorganizing the rest of the house to accommodate the overflow.

Dave tackled the painting straight away:

(Don't mind the scowl - I was interrupting Sports Radio to take the picture :)

The finished product.
(There may be some stencils/clouds that go up later, so we'll call it semi-finished.)

So the cleaning out of clothes will come...we're waiting to get some built-ins installed in our room. But the changing table is there and the organization of the other rooms has commenced.

Of course, through it all, Sophia did what she does best - play and climb on anything available! :)

Happily, all of this is or will be relocated and put to good use. (Not that an indoor jungle gym isn't good use!)

And if you ask Sophia her current knowledge on "Baby Brother's" impending arrival - she'll point to my tummy and kiss it. When asked if who's going to be a big sister, she'll happily proclaim "Sophia!" And, when asked if she's excited to meet him, she promptly replies, "No."
Ok, I guess we'll take 2 for 3, right?