Sunday, July 13, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 13

Thursday left us with not much planned. After feeling well-sunned at the beach the past few days, I decided to take Theo for a meander through town and up to the library. Unlike Sophia, he is a rock star walker. I brought the stroller along but it turned out to be more fun for him to push it and run after it than to sit in it - which was fine with me. We walked down Thames Street and popped into Frazzleberries to check out some home decor. Specifically, we're looking for Fifth Ward (our area of town) stuff: Flags and stickers. No luck, but found lots of cool stuff and Theo befriended the owner's daughter.

We moved on to the Newport Library and stumbled on a great live music player. They have fantastic Kids Programming throughout the summer. After listening and heading up to the kids reading section for some truck books, we headed home to meet Dave for lunch. Nothing better than lunch with my two men!

After Sophia got home from camp, we headed out to the 3rd beach Duck Races, which has become a yearly tradition. A fundraiser to support MEC, we buy our duckies and watch them float to the finish line. First ones across win prizes. We don't win, but the kids have a blast swimming, getting face painting and of course, for Sophia, dance time with the duck!

(Sophia loves him-
Theo won't go anywhere near the duck!) 

Snuggly after a late afternoon swim!
 Face painting success!

Happy Duckers!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 12

Wednesday brought more of the same: Camp for Sophia, working for Dave and the beach for Theo and I! No complaints, it's a good life to be leading.

Friends were already at the beach, so Theo (for as much "playing" as he does with others) had his built in buddies there. Though not having Sophia there meant most of the toys were all his!

Afternoon meant I got some QT with Sophia after camp. The wind has been honking lately, so we busted out the kite and headed to Fort Adams to test it out. Sophia got pretty bored with it last year, but this year she was hooked. She launched it herself and ran all over. We even took "Froggy" for a pretty long walk around the Fort, making it up into the Navy housing playground (where the allure of the playground won out over kite flying!)

After dinner (and before my yummy dinner out at TSK) we went to Ballard Park - an old quarry that has events in the field. We had been wanting to go for awhile and this great little swingband was playing. The kids were into it, though Sophia hit the wall after a very long day and we heading out after about 45 minutes. They do all types of concerts and movies throughout the summer. They have a big kids show, but it's mid-week in the morning. Oh well!

16 Days of Summer: Day 11

Well, I've made it to Day 11 - not the actual partaking in vacation, that's been the easy part. Blogging about it and remembering what we've done. I forgot how tiring vacation can be. (Sorry to those not on vacation...)

Tuesday morning was my morning to hang out solo and time for Dave & Theo to have some father - son time. After I dropped Sophia at camp, I got to try out paddleboarding at 3rd beach. It was windy as heck, which was great for heading out, but at the turnaround past the buoys, I had flashbacks of learning to turn while skiing. It wasn't pretty and thank god I was out there alone so no one could hear me singing my turning song. :) I made it back in with just one dip in the ocean and some weary muscles. All in all a great success.

Dave and Theo hit storytime at The Redwood Library again this week and some shopping: an Olaf cup for Theo and an Elsa and Anna for Sophia. The kids were psyched.

I got to do pickup from camp and got this fun shot of the two happy campers!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

16 Days of Summer: Day 10

Monday kicked up the start of our second week. But for Theo, it signified "Life as an Only Child" - at least during the day.

Sophia started at Norman Bird Sanctuary summer camp for the week. She was going with buddy Ainsley and new buddy Avery. The girls couldn't have been more excited. After dropping her off, Theo and I celebrated by doing exciting things like grocery shopping and visiting T.J. Maxx. The TJ Maxx visit was actually to buy him big boy underwear. He's been attempting to potty train himself over the past 3 months (despite our apathy). With all of the beach and outdoor time here, he's actually been pretty successful (except for the time he came to tell me he had to go and I scooted him out in the yard by the bushes and he proceeded to drop the deuce. Though I guess that can be considered success too!)

We acquired some spiffy new boy undies with Turbo on them. I guess he's a fast snail? We essentially picked them as they were the only 2t undies there.

Monday evening took us to family night at the club where the kids partook in some giant hill sliding. Here's a link to the Facebook video, which friends will be able to see. The still shot is her and Avery dragging the huge piece of cardboard up the hill. Last year, Sophia wouldn't really go near the top of the hill but this summer has been a huge change. She clearly has the need for speed!

And a quick shot of cool little man. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

16 Days of Summer: Day 9

After all of the hustle and bustle of the past week, Sunday was definitely a day of rest for us.

We had a nice low-key morning at the beach, although the storm had kicked up so much red tide it made swimming pretty unappealing. The kids didn't seem to mind though. Apparently the piled up seaweed (EW!) made great playing grounds for "baby dragons and dinosaurs." I'll take it.

I got out on a great bike ride with my local riding buddy Rob, who has whipped himself into biking shape since last year (or is it just the new tires...who knows?!) It was good to be back on the bike, especially because I haven't been on much since my accident. The racing bike has a whole different feel and handle, but it was good just the same.

After the ride, Sophia and I meandered into town to check things out and she was fascinated with the concept of "trying on" clothes in the dressing room. So, we tried on a t-shirt. And promptly put it back. :)

Dave and I were able to get a date night in with friends at Revolving Door. It was fantastic - great food and drinks and love the concept. A great end to a fantastic first week. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 8 (part 2)

It indeed was a celebration of the fourth on the fifth, as we headed up to NYYC for the annual celebration. Town fireworks, a giant BBQ with a bunch of our friends and just an all around good time. The kids were looking forward to the adventure!

Friends Katherine & Sophia

 Katherine has my favorite poses of all time!


Taking a break for some coloring - but clearly plotting something...
 Sunset shot - doesn't even do it justice!
 Mmmm - ice cream truck rolled in and Sophia was the big fudgy winner. Theo didn't make out too badly either!

My little man and his snuggles!

 Front row seats for the show with friends - this was the first year Sophia wasn't fazed by the "booms" of the fireworks. 
 Clearly enamored

And Theo couldn't be happier/more exhausted. 

After the fireworks were over, Sophia & her buddy Avery took a trip up the hill (which they had been sliding down all night with friends, though not at the slickened life-jacket stage yet, thank god!) and ventured by themselves into the Club bathroom. No shoes, fancy dresses, amongst all the adults. The girls politely informed everyone they had to go potty and proceeded to be escorted to the front of the line. Avery's mom & I found them washing their hands and getting heaps of praise on their outfits from the big girls. Clearly, a fun night for all. 

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 8 (part 1)

Happy Fourth of July...on the Fifth!

After yesterday's washout, we were greeted with a humidity-free, sunshiney day. The kids slept in, Theo and I got a run in to the hardware & grocery stores, and geared up for the evening's activities.
But first, it was a day of goodbyes. After 4 days, Lori, Sammy & Dillon were heading back to Seattle by way of Boston. We had to hit the park to run out some of the energy before their voyage - and also get a coveted "Cousins" shot - though sadly, Scout was not in the mood. Luckily, Sammy helped her out:

It was so great for the kids to get to hang with their cousins, who they see, on average, 1x a year. Despite the inundation of boys, I think Sophia really enjoyed. And I know for a fact Theo is enamored with big cousin Dillon.

After some time at the park and a quick lunch, they loaded up the car and headed back to catch their flight. A few of the great goodbye shots:

The other goodbye was to our dear neighbor Danielle, who had been next door for the month. She and Sophia had become fast friends, but it was time for her to return home. Luckily, she'll be Sophia's first penpal!  What a great summer friend. Hope she's back next summer. 

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 7

Day 7 brought the Fourth of July. And also - tropical storm Arthur. Not exactly a recipe for outdoor adventure. 

Luckily, Arthur held off so we could get out into town for the first half of the day before the torrential rains hit. So we headed off to the Arcade! Head to head matches of Skee Ball & Air Hockey, as well as tons of games for the kids.
 And a quick spin on the indoor tea-cups for Sophia, Mikey & Sammy and we headed back home for lunch and to say goodbye to Grandpa, Ivonne and Mikey.


And goodbyes were had:

All the fourth of July festivities were cancelled, so instead, we ordered pizza and got the kids to bed at a decent hour. But not before some time for rest and snuggles. Because nothing beats snuggling on the couch with Dad!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

16 Days of Summer Vacation: Day 6

Day 6 was an action packed day full of outdoors, family activity and kids being summer kids. 

Theo was up early and in an attempt to let the rest of the house sleep in, he & I headed out for breakfast and some truck hunting at our new favorite corner. We hit the jackpot with 3 garbage trucks, 2 tractor trailers, numerous box trucks and untold numbers of landscape trucks. 

After returning home, a movement was made for Strawberry picking at Sweet Berry Farms. The pickings were slim, but a good time was had by all. 

And Dave and Theo are not color coordinated Dutch fans. Honest!

The night brought a great cookout with the family (Joined by Grandpa & Ivonne and Mikey, who arrived late on Day 5) and a massive game of Kick the Can, led by Dave the biggest kid of all.  All the neighborhood kids joined in and played for about 2 hours. The only pause was to make, eat and obliterate strawberry shortcakes - including an entire can of whipped cream. 

Meanwhile, in the backyard, some touching big cousin, little cousin moments. (Sadly, the flash wasn't working well to capture this as clearly and tenderly as it actually was).