Sunday, July 31, 2011

Canoeing in Concord!

The post got started awhile ago, but has been awaiting pictures!!
At the end of July, we had a great summer weekend in Boston - it was a busy and fun one!
Dave had the brilliant idea we should take Sophia canoeing in Concord and do some exploring around the Old North bridge. We invited our friend Mark, Morgan and Frances to come with and it was an awesome day!

We rented 1 big canoe for the 6 of us and the boys did all the paddling at the front and back end while Morgan, the girls & I sat in the middle. We qualified the day as a success, being that no one fell out of the canoe!
The girls loved seeing all the birds (herring, geese, and the scariest looking turkey ducks I've ever seen!), turtles and of course, fish (most of which were being caught by fisherman, but it was still cool!)Despite her dubious look, she really was enjoying herself!!

We paddled (a collective we!) up to the Old North Bridge, parked the canoe on the shore and went exploring up to the Old Manse which was very cool to walk around. The girls were mostly excited by the stones and pebbles in the lane, but it was all good.
Of course, there was snacking and running too!
Then we all walked across the Old North Bridge. On the other side were some beautiful gardens where we stopped for snacks and diaper changes (hey, when you gotta go...)

After all the excitement, we headed back to the canoe to round up some lunch. Sophia decided she had kind of had it with sitting in mommy's lap, so she and Frances got to sit on the edge of the boat (yes, they were wearing their life preservers) and dangle their feet into the water. No pictures were taken as both Morgan and I were holding on rather tightly so they didn't fall in!

Lunch in town afterwards was a great free for all of french fries, sandwiches and Mac and Cheese. Great discussions were had and a lovely car ride nap home.
All in all - quite the success!

July and visit to CT!

It's been a busy month - despite the fact we weren't trucking to Newport every weekend, we still did plenty of traveling. Down to CT to visit Mom & Dad (where Sophia got spoiled rotten :) ) and Dave & I got some much needed downtime, including a trip to see the latest Harry Potter on opening weekend! We showed up about 90 minutes early for the film and it was well worth it. What a treat for us...I think we last saw "The Town" in February on the last day it was at the Capitol Theater in Arlington...

Sophia got lots of beach time, including playing with Grandpa
Playing at the water table Nana made sure to bring over...

And of course, stopping for some hydration! :)

One of my favorite parts was her getting to ride my old tricycle. My mom has been amazing about saving old toys of mine and we pulled this out for Sophia to ride. The horn even still worked, 30 something years later!!

Fun times for all. Thanks Nana and Pop Pop!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's July!

...and I'm averaging barely a post a month - things have been quite busy here at the Ahouse house. I've just finished a certificate class at BU (it met two nights each week for 6 weeks - quite happy that is done!) so it finally feels like I can relax and enjoy summer.

We made it down to Newport every weekend in June and well, truly enjoyed being homeowners. Exciting things like wet basements (we're at sea level at low tide, forget high tide and rain storms!) loose wires 20 feet up the side of the house and odoriforious ants (don't ask. harmless but yucky).

But the good news is, we get outside a lot and Sophia had her first beach experience of the year. Sadly, I didn't have the camera with me, but she did enjoy watching the water move in and out over her feet. You could literally hear her brain working trying to figure it out.

Running is her new most favorite thing to do. This is a favorite shot of mine:

And here she is at the playground checking out the ship - Ahoy matey!
We managed to have a BBQ with some friends - Sophia thoroughly enjoyed the fixings!

More to come on Sophia shortly! Lots going on in the world of an almost 20 month old.