Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where has the time gone?

It's been a very busy August for the Ahouse clan. From our trip to New York & Connecticut to our weekends in Newport and Maine, we kind of feel like the traveling wilberries. But I'll take it.

This past weekend, we spent some time up on a lake in Maine with the Ahouse clan. Sophia thoroughly enjoyed the attention from her Aunt Hayley (and "auntie" Kiera).

Sophia spent some quality time exploring the lake (so nice and calm and perfect for baby sitting!)

She also had a great bath time photo session (Thanks Grandpa Ahouse).

What's even more entertaining - she appears to be acquiring the "Ahouse look" check this out:

Finally, I got some down town, complete with a nice little massage. (highlight on the "little" part)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend in the City

Dave & I had our first overnight away from Sophia this past weekend. We headed to my parents in CT on Friday and then left Saturday morning for New York City, sans Sophia. We had a big agenda for our 24+ hours alone - running, music, sightseeing and good food.

This was the longest time I had ever been away from her since she was born. (I think previously I had been out for about 5 hours or so at a Red Sox game). I knew she was in good hands with my parents and I was really looking forward to some QT with Dave.

I'm waiting on the pictures from my parents, but I know there will be tons of good ones. Here's one I snapped of Sophia "walking" with my dad:

There is always an interesting challenge when you leave - a balance on how much you check in. Call too much and you're not really "escaping" for alone time, but call too little and you might get worried.

I decided that barring any major disasters (which I highly doubted would happen - and did not) I would text with my dad when we got to the city and he would give me a wrap up text Saturday night. My major concern was whether or not Sophia would sleep through the night - she's had a serious case of teething lately and while I knew my folks wouldn't mind, I didn't want them up and exhausted with her all night (really, no one wishes that on anyone!!)

The lone phone call was Sunday morning just letting my mom know when we were going to hit the road. Happily, Sophia had slept through the night with no sign of teething. My parents had done a great job of tiring her out on the beach all day Saturday and taking her to the park. Knowing all that made the weekend even more enjoyable.

Dave and I checked out some great places - Top of the Rock, Birdland Jazz Club, ran around Central Park and Magnolia's Cupcakes (Black Forest - YUM!) but most of all, we reconnected with each other. Sure, we talked about Sophia (and noticed all the cute babies wheeling around NYC - something we had never really taken into account before) but we also vegged in Bryant Park and read the Sunday Times by the river. We even found a breakfast place that made Dave an omlet with nothing he was allergic to involved - hooray for The Barking Dog!
We didn't bring any computers and the TV in our room didn't work. I got to read part of the Tour de Lance book I'd had on my nighttable for months.

The most interesting time for me was when I went for a walk for cupcakes while Dave took a nap. I had no blackberry, no baby, no husband. So I just walked, looked and took it all in. Sure, I got a little misdirected (dang grid system!) but I found the cupcakes. And it took longer than I expected, but even without a text, Dave knew I'd make my way back. Of all places, New York City is the best to just look around and take it all in. It was very freeing.

We got back to my parents mid-day on Sunday and there was nothing better than seeing Sophia smiling and kicking when my mom brought her down from her nap. She just wanted to snuggle and hug us. That makes it all even sweeter.

Can't wait to do it again.

Sophia's Portraits - 9 months

We finally got around to getting professional shots of Sophia done. I so wish I had done it earlier, as the "Mamas" from Two Mamas Photography were amazing. The best part - they are very affordable and give you the CD of photos when you're done. They'll clean up 10 shots they like best, but you get all of them.

The 20-minute session was done on Cambridge Common (my choice); Mandy and Renee jumped right in with Sophia. It was fun,
entertaining and we got some great shots. I've posted a few; you can check the rest out on my facebook page.

We did most of the shots in a beautiful dress given to us by my high school basketball coaches (thanks Web & Mary!)

We also did some fun diaper shots - gotta love the gDiapers with ruffles - an outfit in a diaper:

And finally - my personal favorite:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's up 9 months?

Hard to believe, but Sophia turned 9 months old this past weekend. I honestly can't believe that we've hit the mark where she has been outside as long as she was inside. And boy has she grown.

She has 3 1/2 teeth - both bottom teeth, her top front right and is doing a solid job on bringing her left front tooth down. The other top tooth is making it's way into the universe as well. It's like Fort Knox, though, to try and get in to see or touch them. We're going to start with a "tooth brushing" routine shortly. Got to keep them pearly and white.

She is crawling, but only in reverse. She can shimmy her way around the floor really well and does her pushups to get to crawling, but she hasn't quite put it all together. She is really cute when she goes backwards - last week, she got stuck in the corner behind her rocking chair. It was actually adorable (she didn't think so, but we did!)

She loves the mirror. We've set it up in the dining room so she can have a "friend" when she plays.
The best is watching her when we carry her up the stairs in our Newport house. There are roughly 15 steps and starting at step 3, she starts kicking and squirming because she knows she'll get to see "the baby at the top of the stairs." It's hysterical to watch.

We got her portraits done (finally) this past week. I can't wait to see the shots, but the women, Mandy & Renee, who run Two Mamas Photography were amazing. They jumped right in and Sophia was immediately (and not surprisingly) a big ham. Here is one of the low-res proofs - just melts my heart!

The funniest food she like: tzatziki (it's a greek yogurt with cucumber and onions.) We were at Whole Foods and they were giving out free samples. She generally wants anything I'm eating and at this stage, she'll try anything (she may not like it, but she'll try it. She LOVED the tzatziki - she definitely made a funny face when she hit one of the onions, but all in all it was the most flavor I think she's had.

Her 9 month checkup was Monday and I'm happy to report she is healthy and happy. She's 18.11lbs, almost 29" and got one shot. She was far more of a trooper through the shot than I ever was - she just grimaced and yelped. No crying. Wow. Talk about T-U-F-F tough. :)

Moving at a different pace

For all the time that Dave and I have been together (9 years now!), summer has always been our busiest time. And by summer, I mean Memorial Day to Labor Day. And, inherently, there are overflow weekends before and after as we try to cram everything in that we can't do during the regular summer.

Now, with Sophia, we're still as hectic as ever, but it's a different pace with more (enforced) relaxation. We're still in Newport every weekend, but we're able to leave most Fridays mid-day and beat the traffic down. Dave works from the house in the afternoon and Sophia & I head out for a run or to the park. Lately, we've been taking her out with us for a late afternoon cocktail (and some yummy yogurt for her.) Not bad scenery, huh?

The nights are spent grilling out with our housemates and watching the Sox or a movie while Sophia sleeps. Last weekend, our friend Katie came and monitor sat for Sophia so Dave and I could have a date night. It was wonderful.

The days are more planned (versus just flopping on the beach for 6 hours) but at the same point, we know there is down time when Sophia naps so we can nap too!

Dave has been great about letting me head off to the beach and taking Sophia for the afternoon. They get some quality father/daughter time and I get a break.
We both are able to get our long runs in during the morning (one of us will stay and feed Sophia's her breakfast and then put her down for her nap) and then we some good family time after she wakes up from nap. The long runs are a must-do right now, as we're both running the Applefest Half Marathon at the end of September! Ekk. We're calling it a "PBPR" for me (post-baby PR)!

Hard to believe she turns 9 months this Saturday. There is lots going on, but more about that in an upcoming post.

Here's to enjoying the best and last days of summer!