Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lucky to have neighbors!

We are so lucky to live on our little dead-end street. Between the kids and families in the condo and across the street, we truly have a village to help us all raise our kids. Often, I come home afterwork and the kids are out and begin to congregate in one of the yards, at the park  or in the driveway.

The day of the manhunt in Boston for the Marathon Bombers, everyone was stir crazy from being cooped up. Around 4:45p, I get a text "Want to come over. We'll order pizza, make margaritas and the kids can at least thump on each other instead of us." Done. Out the door and across the street we went for some sanity on an insane day.

If it's a Friday, and the weather is nice, then it's usually drinks & dinner across the street at our neighbor's great deck and yard. The kids run around and tire each other out while the parents get some catch up time. We bring our meat to throw on the grill and then everyone pitches in a little something else.

Some nights, to keep the kids rolling on somewhat of a schedule, things end up like this!
Glowsticks in the bathtub!

This past Sunday, after Dave & I completed the Tough Mudder, we were exhausted. 
Tough Mudders! 
We had pre-planned with our neighbors to do dinner at their place as we knew we wouldn't be very capable parents after 12 miles and 20 military style obstacles (oh - and a 90 minute drive home after!) We brought a bunch of food over and they had some ready to go too. We ate well, the kids played in the kiddie pool and we got ready to dive into another week!  

Thank god for our neighbors!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always one of my favorite days. Not because of the celebration of me (though that is fun) as a mom, but rather the great time we get to have together as a family & with friends. 
We started the tradition of running the local Mother's Day 5k in town each year. We try to get as many people we know doing it. Dave will push the double stroller with Sophia & her buddy Frances: 
 and I get to run on my own. This year, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my two little munchkins and a card from Sophia she made in school.

But before the adults race, the kids run a 1k race. Here are some shots:

Zac, Sophia, Frances & Ronan - the neighborhood posse

Read to Race

Crossing the finish with Dad! 
 And then, after the race, snuggle time with my kiddos. Hooray for being a mom.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a brunch back at our place (including homemade donuts!) and then a nice massage on my own at the spa. Ahh....what a day!

Memorial Day and Hayley's Graduation

Once Memorial Day weekend hits, the Ahouse family turns into traveling vagabonds. This year was no different. We headed down to CT to see Hayley, the youngest of the siblings, graduate from Westminster High School.

This weekend was extra special as this was the first time that all the siblings and grandkids would be together with David Sr. We couldn't wait to see the Seattle contingency!

Because the Woodbury house was so full with guests, we crashed with at the Lyons' Den down the road and go to spend some quality time with them. Any chance to catch up with my girlfriends is a luxury. And Theo got some QT with his little buddy Abigail - 2 months his junior.

Sophia was most excited about the chickens & cows, until they mooed at her!

Graduation day was a giant wash out - we had our boots on under the tent to cheer on Hayley as she received her diploma. (Fun note: Westminster doesn't give you YOUR diploma on stage, but rather a random person's. Afterwards, the entire class stands in a circle and keeps passing until everyone gets their own. Tradition is entertaining, if not wholly efficient!)

After that we headed back to Woodbury for the festivities. Food, family and fun. Despite a tent, everyone gathered in the tent. Luckily, Sunday afforded much nicer weather and a chance for some well needed outdoor time for the kids.

It was a great weekend of catching up,
Dance Party

Cheering the parade

Bonding time:
Hanging with big cousin Dillon
Theo awash in grass.  

 And Togetherness:

Full Family Shot

Sleep was left for the end of the trip...
Can't wait to see everyone again! Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Siblings, Significant Others & Friends - what could be better?

Last Day of "School" for Sophia

This past week, Sophia had her last day of "School" a.k.a Tot Time. It's a great town program that she attended 2 -1/2 days each week.

It was a perfect start to socialization with other kids and a number of her neighborhood buddies were also in the class. She made a ton of artwork and some really fun projects. The best was looking at her "Class Photo" they sent home at the end and she could name everyone there. I had heard so much about these other kids, it was fun for me to put faces with names!

My favorite part was taking her to school on my way to work. In order to be as efficient as possible, I had Sophia ride her bike...alongside mine. I commute every day to work year-round on my bike, so this made the most sense.

Sophia would ride down on the sidewalk while I was on the street. I was able to run clearance for her on the cross streets and before long, she was bombing down the hill, through the flats and back up again to school. People would watch her whiz by in her dress, Minnie Mouse sunglasses and helmet, no matter the season - it makes me so proud!

Here's a shot of her at the end of school with her teachers, Ms. Jenny & Ms. Alicia.
Next stop, Agassiz Preschool in the Fall.